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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Advanced Style

I'm sure most of you know my love for elderly fashion appeal but today takes the cake. I spotted the most amazing chic old lady! I see her here and there mostly on public transportation but this time I saw her at the local 7-Elven in Hollywood. I couldn't resist but ask if I could snap a photo of her just as she walked outside. Notice her glasses they are everything!!!

Have you seen Advance Style yet?
If you haven't please watch!!!

Monday, July 23, 2012

“You can be betrayed in your sleep."

wearing Red Pepper Dress from Sugarlips, vintage Betsey Johnson wedges, ebay, door knock velvet chocker, and vintage fur hat.

I received a fun dress from Sugarlips this past week, I finally had the chance to were it out. I love this dress for 3 top reasons that come to my mind 1) I love how girly it is, if you know me I not much of wearing flirty dress. 2) ummmm can we talk about the color?  blues and reds are sooo pretty mixed together. 3) the texture, I love how silky it is! 

My two great friends Leon Yeshua and Ann-Marie Hoang are the masterminds behind my hairstyle.  When it comes to hair color I try to be very... picky to say the least. My hair color choices come from life inspirations. My recent hair color inspiration comes from gem amethyst. I took a trip to a museum awhile back ago which showcased gems, stones and diamonds from around the world. If my memory could actually be functional at least in the long term memory department I'd be able to tell what museum it was. lol. anyways I really enjoyed seeing all these gems and all the array of colors. I was inspired by the amethyst gem and really wanted to portray the color way into my hair. I believe Ann-Marie nailed it! I loooooove my new hair color!!!!!! 

Friday, February 24, 2012

Color Head

 received my first package of 2012 and if this is a sneak preview of the things that I'll be purchasing online then I feel like I'm on the right track. About this hat, I actually saw it on a kid in DTLA while walking across the street. I asked "where did you get your hat?" and he replied "Amazon." I thought to myself AMAZON!!!! really!?!? So of course I Google'ed it and low and behold I found the hat. YAY!!!!
i love, love, love this hat!!!!

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Cake$ Nails


I got my nails done! 90's chic. 


Life on Instagam

Pretty much sums up my weekend. 
Disco party, iridescent chic David, my little pony necklace, and Love sunnies a gift from my lova Matthew Hensley.

It's been a crazy January and it'll be an even crazier February. EXCITED!

Saturday, January 21, 2012


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 Wearing Missoni Inspired Jumper from Fallas Paredes, a shaggy shrug from T and Showroom

When the thrift stores are closed, I shop anywhere else where I can save a buck and still get chic clothes. My bf and I took a trip to Fallas Paredes outlet store this weekend. As some of you know Fallas is known to be supppper ghetto. But nonetheless I always find some really chic pieces amongst the craziness. Shopping at Fallas reminds me of shopping at a thrift store a) because it's always a cluster fuck of clothes, b) the prices are pretty amazing and c) digging through clothes upon clothes just to find that one piece you'll be in complete love with. I'll be posting a haul of what I bought soon along with outfit posts. YAY!!!!!