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Tuesday, March 19, 2013


photos from Apparel News, Ronys Photobooth and Runway Passport

LA Fashion Week closes and Zalez Studio makes an entrance, opening doors to complete inspiration. The boys of Zalez Studio have stopped hearts and made people tear when showcasing their Fall 2013 Collection this past Saturday. Taking inspiration from books, music, life and culture the designers Rafael Mercado and Joab Zalez amazed the fashion crowd to their core.
I had the pleasure of Co-Producing the runway show with Pam Mares and Fez Martinez, seeing these pieces come to reality is just a heart felt feeling that is hard to describe, I guess being proud could cover the feeling. These boys amaze me, spending everyday sewing even sewing through some nights making sure their collection was finished just in time. One designer Joab Zalez sewing till the last hours before the show. Congratulations to Joab Zalez and Rafael Mercado for a breathtaking collection! 

wearing BCBG jumper from Round 2LA and hat my mother made OBR Designs

 Designers: Joab Zalez and Rafael Mercado
 Jewelry Designers: Kelly Love and Joab Zalez
Accessories Designers: Joab Zalez and Rafael Mercado
Show Producers are Kelly Love, Pam Mares and Fez Martinez
Director of Hair: Leon Yeshua
Director of MakeUp: Crystal Cao
 Hair Stylists: Joyce Castaneda, Bri Brancato
MakeUp Artists: Revamp Makeup, Lindsey Martins and Terry Loaiza
Nail Artist: Cakes Nails

Music from We Used to Dance



Friday, October 26, 2012

Post LAFW: Zalez Studio

Designers of Zalez Studio Joab Zalez and Rafael Mercado

Zalez Studio was officially the last runway show of LA Fashion Week, I guess we can say the best was saved for last. Hosting the event was by far a highlight of my year. For more photos visit
for info please email

Custom Lucite Vinyl Overall Circle Dress by Zalez Studio

Monday, September 24, 2012


With the closing of New York Fashion Week, opens LA Fashion Week. I'll be the first to admit LA Fashion Week isn't the most excited of the "city fashion weeks" but.... it's all we got. For those of you who are scheduling your LA shows make sure to mark a date for the Zalez Studio show! I'm so excited to be hosting this event. I can't give away tooooo many details but I can say is, the collection definitely promises to showcase it's influences on future fashion with heavy inspirations by what future fashion would look like mixed with the past of nature. Pretty much it'll be wicked!!!! 

Make sure to email RSVP to or face RSVP here

Monday, March 19, 2012

RE-Cap Dripped Fashion Show

  all photos from
This past Thursday was a special day for LA's underground fashion scene. Dripped Fashion SoirĂ©e went off without a hitch. As you know Ann-Marie and myself styled one of the designer-HOWL who showcased on the runway.  For Howl's show Ann-Marie and I envisioned streetwear/iridescent chic including gold chains, snap back hats, 90's accessories, beanies, turbans and dark make-up. CONGRATS to Keyla from Howl and a special CONGRATS to Geisha for putting on an amazing event. Check out Dripped on Apparel News for more photos check out YoungandSleek

Monday, March 12, 2012

Tropical Dream

My boyfriend Fez
Annabelle Lee and Jean Chong from See You Monday

 wearing Vintage Betsey Johnson dress, gold straw hat, socks from Betsey Johnson and Orange Pop Wedges from Lola Shoetique

This past Saturday my boyfriend Fez and good friends Annabelle, Jean and Crystal took a trip to catch some seats to view some LA's fashion shows. I got to preview Gypsy Junkies, Curly V and Jen Awad. I loved everything each designer showcased. Sadly I forgot to charge the battery of my camera and wasn't able to capture anything :( and my iPhone takes horrible photos when it comes to motion photography.