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Saturday, July 14, 2012

LA Designers

My true passion comes from supporting amazing indie designers wether it be pulling pieces from thier collections for photoshoots I style, showing them love on any type of social networking sites or introducing them to indie boutiques.
I received an awesome gift from Luxurious Poverty a double sided teddy bear ring called "Bobby Bear." Luxurious Poverty is a brand new LA line designed and made in Los Angeles. Luxurious Poverty focuses on giving back to the community working with different organizations and charities such as "Keep a Child Alive" to homeless organizations. LP's motto is simple "Spread Love Through Art" for more info check out LP's fresh new website
My good friend Haruna aka DJ Barbie has a fresh clothing line called United Couture. I've spoken about United Couture before in a recent post. Still is the best summer dress to be in! Shop the tank version on Nasty Gal

LSD Fashion Lab creates the most inspiring accessories. I first got introduced to LSD Fashion Lab through my good friend Ann-Marie who was sporting the most intricate wire face mask. I asked Ann-Marie if she had made it and she told me her friends at LSD Fashion Lab did... I was blown away! Today LSD is styling girls with fly accessories. 

I received a surprise package from LSD Fashion Lab!!!! A new iPhone case! 

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Purse Possessions



A look into my personals, well now public purse. Last year I inherited a MCM purse from my mom :))))

top left clockwise: iPhone charger I can never-ever leave home without it, Sunnies I bought at a cute boutique in New York, Lotion from ARBONNE, Lucite pink sunnie case I use to store pens, earbuds and miscellaneous items,  90's Happy Face wallet Christmas gift from my friends Leon, Rio and Rick, Keys with mase and my moms old rabbit foot from the 80's, two types of chapstick one minty and one with flavor, lipstick case from Freakcity, Illamasqua lipstick in color Plunge gift from my friend Geisha, my iPhone 4 and Patricia Fields bunny case with a puff ball tail hehe, and last but certainly not least are my business cards never leave home without them. 
Do you have a purse haul? share with me under comments.