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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Running not Walking

wearing thrifted sun hat, gifted striped top, thrifted boy blazer, See You Monday leggings, thrifted boots, vintage Ann Taylor  backpack, brooches from my mother closet, sunnies from H&M



  Since summer is finally here, i vowed to myself that every weekend I will do something adventurous weather it be taking trips to museums, visiting botanicals, mini road trips to wherever whatever it maybe I just rather be out in the sun and really enjoying my youth. I'm sticking to my guns and the weekend before 4th of July really set it off. All my good friends and myself went out to Escondido Beach for some much needed beach time.  On 4th of July my friends and myself celebrated my boyfriends birthday at the Aquarium of the Pacific, it was so amazing we definitely found new inspirations and learned a lot about the earth and of course sea creatures. Last weekend the boyfriend and myself went out to explore The Huntington Rose Garden. It's a beautiful botanical garden of full of flowers and plants from around the world. We didn't get to visit the whole garden... bummer. We did get to visit the Japanese Garden, Rose Garden and the forest terrarium.

wearing thrifted sun hat, See You Monday polka-dot dress, Betsey Johnson flower socks, thrifted boots, thrifted Ann Taylor backpack, sunnies from H&M, gifted indian bead necklace, American Apparel bandeau


Sunday, May 27, 2012

Space Cadet

We got these amazing galaxy leggings at See You Monday, sadly they've sold out on so quickly. I love accessories! And that being said jewelry and shoes! I got these platform oxfords at Santee Alley.... Yes! I said Santee Alley. The jewelry came from a collective of gifts from my bestie, my boyfriend and my mommy. I found the "Save the World" appliqué/patch in the fashion district for $2!!!! Ummmmm I love LA. My outfit together under $30. Not to shabby.

Have a safe a wonderful Memorial day weekend!!!

Monday, April 30, 2012

Fire Starter

wearing See You Monday babydoll top, sheer button up by Banana Republic, hue leggings, moto jacket from F21, Hellbounds by Unif, flame beanie from Rosebowl flea market, vintage MCM purse

It's been a crazy week and finally had the courage to wear white leggings. something about the look of white legs can look a bit weird. I strongly suggest *if your short to pair with a high heel, so that way your legs look long. My hellbounds do just that! Probably the highest heel i own. for sure!!!


wearing See You Monday cold shoulder dress in neon green

i know, i know, i know... it's been awhile since updating the blog. since my recent job at See You Monday i haven't had anytime for blogging, guess it's me growing up :) the See You Monday girls and myself took a rode trip to Coachella. it wasn't my first time at Coachella but it was my first time at the festival. i was always pretty against going to the festival and usually only made it out just for the parties but this year i had the best group of girls rollin' out. my first time wassss pretty fucking moving. the energy you feel from the mountains, the palm tress and the desert heat really does something to you. It made a fan out of me. Not to mention Radiohead was unbelievable live! breathtaking actually. If you haven't made your way out to Coachella yet... i can definitely vouch you'll have a great time.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Saturday Date.

wearing vintage denim moto jacket, thrifted crochet duster vest, marijuana tee from Sixhundred, stripped leggings by Leg Candy, Jeffery Campbell shoes from Round 2LA, thrifted flag bag, mickey mouse button and beanie, gifted alien earring made by Sam Adams.

no rain yesterday, rain storm today. 
Saturday was an active day for Annabelle, Fez and I. Took the day for Saturday brunch at House of Pies in Los Feliz, strolled into Sky Light book stores for some much needed reading material. Thrifted around LA and for the night cap ended up at Yogurtland. So refreshing to just have a slow morning and a relax day with friends. On another note I started my first day at See You Monday :)) I'm super excited to join the team. I've fallen in love with the company and can't wait to unleash all the amazing ideas the line has up it's sleeves. If your not familiar with See You Monday I invite you to check out it's website, facebook, twitter and tumblr. The SS/12 collection is going to be mind blowing!!!!! Catch the collection on Wasteland, Asos, Tobi and Nasty Gal in the next coming weeks!


Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Magic WWD SS/2012

this past month i attend the world famous Magic Tradeshow the biggest tradeshow in fashion apparel. i got the chance to travel to Las Vegas with the See You Monday dream team. i was so excited to receive the opportunity to create the visual for the See You Monday booth. Visual Merchandising is like a past love for me, i did it professionally for a few years during retail jobs i've had in the past. i don't do it as much today but as soon as i get the chance to do any kind of visual merch i jump at it. i started the visuals a couple days before the opening day of Magic, spray painting gold crowns into bright neon bejeweled crowns, made fun 90's deadstock patches into earrings for the mannequins, and got to shop for some amazing costume jewelery and accessories. special thank you to Vally Rap from Freakcity who totally had most items we needed to complete the Visuals. Annabelle, Jean and myself came up with some brilliant work the day of the set up, like to add the flowers around the base of each display and to add windmills to showcase a spring/summer feeling. All in all the visuals were amazing we only received but the best compliments. We definitely brought some LA flavor to Las Vegas.