Monday, July 23, 2012

“You can be betrayed in your sleep."

wearing Red Pepper Dress from Sugarlips, vintage Betsey Johnson wedges, ebay, door knock velvet chocker, and vintage fur hat.

I received a fun dress from Sugarlips this past week, I finally had the chance to were it out. I love this dress for 3 top reasons that come to my mind 1) I love how girly it is, if you know me I not much of wearing flirty dress. 2) ummmm can we talk about the color?  blues and reds are sooo pretty mixed together. 3) the texture, I love how silky it is! 

My two great friends Leon Yeshua and Ann-Marie Hoang are the masterminds behind my hairstyle.  When it comes to hair color I try to be very... picky to say the least. My hair color choices come from life inspirations. My recent hair color inspiration comes from gem amethyst. I took a trip to a museum awhile back ago which showcased gems, stones and diamonds from around the world. If my memory could actually be functional at least in the long term memory department I'd be able to tell what museum it was. lol. anyways I really enjoyed seeing all these gems and all the array of colors. I was inspired by the amethyst gem and really wanted to portray the color way into my hair. I believe Ann-Marie nailed it! I loooooove my new hair color!!!!!! 

Friday, July 20, 2012

Shall I compare thee to a summer's day?

wearing thrifted denim jacket d.i.y cut into denim vest, thrifted mesh floral dress, circle glasses from Capsule, thrifted Doc Martens, Haus of Love boot chain, Donna Karen Backpack

Haus of Love is vending at the Rosebowl Flea Market next month!!! Soooooo excited to share all the chic vintage clothing we have in stock. I'll be setting up $1 buckets, $5 racks, $15 racks, and "the special" rack which will feature amazing vintage brands. 

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Aurielle's Summer Giveaway

My good friend Aurielle is having a huge summer giveaway!!! 7 lucky winners will be taking home goodies from The Hundreds, From Forward to All, Little Charmer and special surprise from Haus of Love!!!! Make sure to visit and check out Aurielle's sound-cloud for some new jams in your life. 
Aurielle is an up in coming singer who's singing to the top with her newest single "Close Your Eyes" here's a sneak preview to 1st music video... p.s I styled the video.. eeek! We also had a cute photoshoot this past weekend inspired from Aurielle's biggest music/pop culture influences. 

Look One: Clueless

Look Two: Poetic Justice

Look Three: Aaliyah/Grunge

Fourth Look: 90's Stoop Kid

Last Look: Miss Janet if your nasty 

The Crew

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Kissed by the sun

Took a trip to Venice Beach with my friends. Yesterday was bloody hottttt!!! If you live in So-Cal then you know what I'm talking about and if you don't live in LA well let's just say LA inherited some east coast/down south muggy summer weather. Basically I wanna be in a pool of water all day long. I have a full day of styling a photoshoot tomorrow for Aurielle.
See you around kiddos!

LA Designers

My true passion comes from supporting amazing indie designers wether it be pulling pieces from thier collections for photoshoots I style, showing them love on any type of social networking sites or introducing them to indie boutiques.
I received an awesome gift from Luxurious Poverty a double sided teddy bear ring called "Bobby Bear." Luxurious Poverty is a brand new LA line designed and made in Los Angeles. Luxurious Poverty focuses on giving back to the community working with different organizations and charities such as "Keep a Child Alive" to homeless organizations. LP's motto is simple "Spread Love Through Art" for more info check out LP's fresh new website
My good friend Haruna aka DJ Barbie has a fresh clothing line called United Couture. I've spoken about United Couture before in a recent post. Still is the best summer dress to be in! Shop the tank version on Nasty Gal

LSD Fashion Lab creates the most inspiring accessories. I first got introduced to LSD Fashion Lab through my good friend Ann-Marie who was sporting the most intricate wire face mask. I asked Ann-Marie if she had made it and she told me her friends at LSD Fashion Lab did... I was blown away! Today LSD is styling girls with fly accessories. 

I received a surprise package from LSD Fashion Lab!!!! A new iPhone case! 

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Slurpee Style

Took a hike to my nearest 7-Eleven

Interview: Zalez Studio

Sooooo I haven't done this in awhile... I guess I can say I'm new to this... again! I'm talking about interviewing people I use to interview people a lot for my last blog (deleted.) So here I go! 

My good friends aka practically my cross breed children lol.. Joab Zalez and Rafael Mercado design and produce a stunning clothing line called Zalez Studio. Now I've known these boys for abouttttt... 8 months now and all I can say is every time I'm around them they remind me to stay classy, chic and always sexy. The first time I met these boys they were working on their newest SS/12 collection including materials such as dyed black peacock feathers, red chiffon, black leather, black matte vinyl  and to create edge some lucite plastic! Handcrafting couture mens and women's clothing is a treat for the Zalez Studio duo they indulge in details, chicness and structure generating inspiration from "the colors of stars to the cosmic sky to the translucent color of a jellyfish." <---- If that doesn't catch your heart then you must be dead! 
I introduce Zales Studio.

Where did Zalez Studio originate and how long has it been on the streets? It's been in the minds of Joab Zalez and Rafael Mercado, it's been shown to the pubic for the last year.  
Where do you see Zalez Studio in the next few years?
We see Zalez Studio on shoulders and arms of models such as Karlie Kloss, Jessica Stam, Coco Rocha, Kate Moss, and many other beauties. The runways and streets of london, new york, paris, tokyo, japan and more. Most of all we want to see it in your closet.
Everybody seems to have a fashion line.... What sets you apart from all the rest?
We are not about making money all of the time. To us it's about expressing our art through fashion. We love to give a show, inspire, and create.
The fashion world has gone green in the sense that its created awareness. Do you see Zalez Studio moving in that direction? And How has the "going green" movement affected you? Only time will tell if Zalez will head in that direction. 
 Give us the philosophy of Zales Studio 
Timeless, effortless, classic. 
The fashion world doesn't get much deeper than clothes. Right? So what kind of fashion topic would you want your consumers to know about...(it could be anything) Fashion is like an orchestra, every thing must be in sync to create beautiful music. We believe that fashion is much more than just clothes and want our consumer to know that we think about every aspect of each piece. 
The Kelly Love is about being informative and being conscious. What are some of the key factors that you want today's youth to understand about being aware of life today? To not be ashamed of your dreams and aspirations and to claim this earth as yours just as much as any other human being on earth.  
What does "The Youth will Grow" mean to you?
New generations bringing new revelations

Readers are going to ask, so tell 'em where they can get their Zales Studio fix...
Facebook? Instagram: @zalezstudio Hashtags: #ZalezStudio 

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Running not Walking

wearing thrifted sun hat, gifted striped top, thrifted boy blazer, See You Monday leggings, thrifted boots, vintage Ann Taylor  backpack, brooches from my mother closet, sunnies from H&M



  Since summer is finally here, i vowed to myself that every weekend I will do something adventurous weather it be taking trips to museums, visiting botanicals, mini road trips to wherever whatever it maybe I just rather be out in the sun and really enjoying my youth. I'm sticking to my guns and the weekend before 4th of July really set it off. All my good friends and myself went out to Escondido Beach for some much needed beach time.  On 4th of July my friends and myself celebrated my boyfriends birthday at the Aquarium of the Pacific, it was so amazing we definitely found new inspirations and learned a lot about the earth and of course sea creatures. Last weekend the boyfriend and myself went out to explore The Huntington Rose Garden. It's a beautiful botanical garden of full of flowers and plants from around the world. We didn't get to visit the whole garden... bummer. We did get to visit the Japanese Garden, Rose Garden and the forest terrarium.

wearing thrifted sun hat, See You Monday polka-dot dress, Betsey Johnson flower socks, thrifted boots, thrifted Ann Taylor backpack, sunnies from H&M, gifted indian bead necklace, American Apparel bandeau