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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Spring is Upon Us!

 wearing Field Guided Top courtesy of Sugarlips, Brocade Sunnies courtesy of Mangnet Showroom, Cheap Monday denim, and oxfords from F21, vintage gold chain and vintage scarf

Weather in California aka Los Angeles never goes along with the change in season, it's hot in winter and it's cold in summer. Sadly for us the first day of Spring was a little of both hot and cold.
Any who! I received a lovely package from Sugarlips this week, and might I add it was a lovely package indeed. I was quite taken back by the packaging. I received a black box with silver writing that read Sugarlips, inside I found this adorable top that was just perfect to wear on the first day of Spring! Check out the video above! My friends and I love the Arts District, we find some of the most amazing street art and in this case we came across a set of angel wings done by LA Street Artist Colette Miller. It was so pretty that I couldn't resist taking a photo.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013


photos from Apparel News, Ronys Photobooth and Runway Passport

LA Fashion Week closes and Zalez Studio makes an entrance, opening doors to complete inspiration. The boys of Zalez Studio have stopped hearts and made people tear when showcasing their Fall 2013 Collection this past Saturday. Taking inspiration from books, music, life and culture the designers Rafael Mercado and Joab Zalez amazed the fashion crowd to their core.
I had the pleasure of Co-Producing the runway show with Pam Mares and Fez Martinez, seeing these pieces come to reality is just a heart felt feeling that is hard to describe, I guess being proud could cover the feeling. These boys amaze me, spending everyday sewing even sewing through some nights making sure their collection was finished just in time. One designer Joab Zalez sewing till the last hours before the show. Congratulations to Joab Zalez and Rafael Mercado for a breathtaking collection! 

wearing BCBG jumper from Round 2LA and hat my mother made OBR Designs

 Designers: Joab Zalez and Rafael Mercado
 Jewelry Designers: Kelly Love and Joab Zalez
Accessories Designers: Joab Zalez and Rafael Mercado
Show Producers are Kelly Love, Pam Mares and Fez Martinez
Director of Hair: Leon Yeshua
Director of MakeUp: Crystal Cao
 Hair Stylists: Joyce Castaneda, Bri Brancato
MakeUp Artists: Revamp Makeup, Lindsey Martins and Terry Loaiza
Nail Artist: Cakes Nails

Music from We Used to Dance



Monday, March 4, 2013


wearing top courtesy of Petals and Peacocks, thrifted skirt and levi's mens button up, heel from Jeffery Campbell, and moto jacket from Pico 1988

Finally got to wear my new tee out today from Petals and Peacocks, and can I say it's the softest tank I own!!!! I ordered the top in a size medium just because I love baggy tees but a small would have fit me perfectly as well. I especially love the detailed sleeve because it looks someone just cut the sleeves off but also gives the appearance of looking like a capped sleeve... huge points!! I pared my tank with a black maxi skirt f.y.i I cut those slits down the sides to give more an edge, my old levi's mens button up I've had for years and it's the best at layering, and my staple moto jacket. 
I'll be at the new Zalez Studio all day today for model castings. Did I mention Zalez Studio is in production for their Fall 2013 collection showing on March 16th. 
This is a great outfit for this kind of day! 

Friday, March 1, 2013

DIY: Monster Heels

Decided to upgrade my heels that I never wear. I guess I got my inspiration from the puff heels that I've been lusting over. I've had this beautiful pink fur for the longest time waiting for me to do something amazing with it, when it finally dawned on me to cover these heels with this soft faux-fur. I took my time with this DIY project started by actually making a pattern of the outer shell of the shoe, cutting my pieces p.s cutting fur is a little tricker than it seems, adding my pieces to the outer shell and aligning all the pieces together, then poking hole for shoe laces and buckle backings. PHEW! They look crazy but I love them!!! They look way better on then off the feet. Almost feels like I have hooves. 

In other news I'm recently obsessing over this new iPhone app called Vine, basically it's like instagram on crack! It's the same concept as instagram but Vine takes it to another level allowing you to loop videos of your surroundings. I've been updated on NYFW before it hitting YouTube! The best thing is, it's super easy to share your looped videos on your blog!

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Monday, February 25, 2013

Neon Love

wearing leggings from Kova and T, heels from lolashoetique, deadstock puff vest

I love DTLA!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Making Rainbows

wearing vintage sweater dress, shoes from lolashoetique and leggings from Donna Karen

Aside from it being wet in LA, I've had a very gloomy week. On Friday night I received some sad news about my uncle. Lets just say my family knows he's in a better place now.

During times of sadness I find myself trying to find happiness in what is in front of me. During rainy days in LA I find pops of color that shine brighter than usual. I had a casual lunch with my good friend Crystal who put my personal situations in perfect perspective.

I have a huge 10 page spread photoshoot coming up for Streetwear Today Magazine this Saturday. I'm a bit nervous because this will be my biggest photoshoot I have ever styled, but at the same time I'm really excited!