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Monday, February 6, 2012


Wearing M.Y.O.B beanie and t-shirt, leopard tights from HUE, vintage letterman jacket: rosebowl.


This past week a couple of my friends Comi and Yuumi from New York traveled to Los Angeles. They asked me to model for a photoshoot produced by them, Fez and I took them to the Arts District in Downtown Los Angeles to capture some photos. P.S Comi and Yuumi have an accessory line called M.Y.O.B handmade in New York City. I can't wait!!! to share the photos Comi and Yuumi photographed of me but for now this is what you get. 

In other news I was asked to work at the See You Monday booth during Magic Tradeshow!!!!
I'm so excited to join the SYM family. annnnd Guess what!!!! I'm also gonna be dressing mannequins and visual merchandising the booth. eeekkkk!!!! 2012 is coming to it's own. So HAPPY!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

5 out of 5

 (photo by Julien Boudet, NY)

Hey guys!!!!
It's been FOREVER since I've had a blog/updated a blog. This is my fifth try at keeping up with a blog. WISH ME LUCK!!! It's a new year and a new blog. eeeeeekkk!