Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Road Trip: Arizona/New Mexico

The best time is when being spontaneous comes over you and empowers you to do the most random/amazing things and in this case it empowered me to take a trip to New Mexico! A few of my friends and I took a surprise road trip... final stop New Mexico we rented an SUV, rented a hotel in Albuquerque and stayed in the small city for about 2 days. 15 hours later we arrived at hotel suite. The best way to travel on a road trip is with good people, the best of music, practical jokes in mind and positivity. I say practical jokes because laughter makes the time go by faster and you need faster time when you're in an SUV with 5 people for 15 hours straight.

Day 1: day one was mostly spent inside the car as I said before we drove for 15 hours to get to New Mexico... Gasp! Once we settled into our hotel room we mustard up so energy and headed into town. I have to say Nob Hill in Albuquerque is one of the cutest towns I have ever visited. Reminded me of SF but with a little more Mexican feel to it. Stop into a Buffalo Exchange just before they closed, bought a couple hats a looked through tons of vintage at amazing prices.

Day 2: We woke up at ummmmm.... 5:30am got dressed ran downstairs for our complimentary breakfast at then we hit the road to Roswell, New Mexico. After a 3 hour drive we finally got to the town that was built after the 1947 UFO crash. What can I say about this town other than... I was an automatic awe about it. Everything was driven by Aliens. The McDonald's was shaped as a UFO, the street lamps had the shaped eyes of an Alien, Alien figures everywhere, boutiques selling nothing but Alien artifact ahhhh! It was so much fun!

Day 3: it was time to go back home but before home we made a last minute decision to head up to the Grand Canyon. Now the Grand Canyon is unexplainable, you just have to make a trip there and take it as your own.

I had the most #smashingbirthday ever!!! 

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Life Should Be Organic

I found a lovely package in front of my door steps yesterday. As we all know opening a package is just as exciting as opening a Christmas present. Opening the box I pulled out this beautiful cream long sleeve tunic from the beautiful people over at Indigenous fair trade + Organic clothing. I'm huge fan and supporter of clothing that come from fair trade organizations. If your not familiarized with the fair trade movement then please read this link here: http://revolverworld.com/2010/03/what-does-‘fairtrade’-really-mean/

As soon as I pulled out my tunic I knew exactly how I was going to style it. I bought this velvet burnt orange cardigan at a local thrift store a few months back and I didn't have anything to pair with till I received this gift. To keep it simple and bold I paired the tunic with my cable knit tights from Hue, vintage leather mini purse, vintage hat I found at a flea market in New Mexico and my Jeffery Campbell heels. I couldn't resist putting this outfit together and taking photos just as the sun went down. I seriously love this tunic top, the comfort in the soft knit sweater screams FALL!!! Special THANK YOU to the awesome people at Indigenous.


Wednesday, November 14, 2012

50's Future

Random photos from Dripped this past October. 
My outfit was inspired my Back to the Future/1950's style and 1990's style can you tell?

Friday, November 9, 2012

Eryn Woods

Got to style recording artist Eryn Woods earlier last week. I had so much fun working with photographer Nikko LaMere and make-up artist Crystal Cao. Special THANK YOU to Rojas, Zalez Studio and Dimepiece Designs

Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Got to visit the opening reception of SSUR exhibit on Melrose. These are some outfit photos of the night.

wearing vintage Minnie Mouse sweater, vintage high waist pants, wing platform shoes from EBay and vintage cascade gold cuff necklace.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Hello Scorpios!

We have moved into the house of the Scorpio. So welcome civilians to the world of Scorpio your in our house for the next month!