Monday, April 30, 2012

Hello Stranger

 wearing vintage floral button up, the "Curate a Collection" pants from Sugarlips, moto jacket from F21, wedges from lola's shoetique, vintage MCM purse

Special Thank You to Sugarlips from send me these amazing soft pants. I looooove them! At first i thought the style of the pants were going to be a bit tricky to style but it wasn't. I paired these pants with a thrifted button up and moto jacket to give it a bad ass feel. 

Fire Starter

wearing See You Monday babydoll top, sheer button up by Banana Republic, hue leggings, moto jacket from F21, Hellbounds by Unif, flame beanie from Rosebowl flea market, vintage MCM purse

It's been a crazy week and finally had the courage to wear white leggings. something about the look of white legs can look a bit weird. I strongly suggest *if your short to pair with a high heel, so that way your legs look long. My hellbounds do just that! Probably the highest heel i own. for sure!!!


wearing See You Monday cold shoulder dress in neon green

i know, i know, i know... it's been awhile since updating the blog. since my recent job at See You Monday i haven't had anytime for blogging, guess it's me growing up :) the See You Monday girls and myself took a rode trip to Coachella. it wasn't my first time at Coachella but it was my first time at the festival. i was always pretty against going to the festival and usually only made it out just for the parties but this year i had the best group of girls rollin' out. my first time wassss pretty fucking moving. the energy you feel from the mountains, the palm tress and the desert heat really does something to you. It made a fan out of me. Not to mention Radiohead was unbelievable live! breathtaking actually. If you haven't made your way out to Coachella yet... i can definitely vouch you'll have a great time.

Sunday, April 8, 2012


  a still shot from "A Trip to the Moon"

"A Trip to the Moon" by Georges Méliès

I have been M.I.A. Excuse the absence on the blog. As you all know I joined a new family with See You Monday. It's been a very interesting yet knowledgeable experience so far, I find myself learning and growing everyday. For me never attending fashion school was probably the best fate I did for myself. I'm learning real fashion business and on top of that learning the creative side to owning/designing a full on lifestyle brand. 

Right now I've been really feeling inspired by Georges Méliès film "A Trip to the Moon." I was a huge Smashing Pumpkins fan back in the 90's and I remember tuning into MTV and waiting till "Tonight, Tonight" to air. It's not until I got older I realized Billy Corgan was inspired by the same film. I've always been a theater nerd, loving props, lighting, acting. My favorite thing about films like this are the props, I love the art direction the way they made cut outs for water, the sun, mountains, rockets, etc.. I would absolutely love to produce a photoshoot inspired by this film.

Happy Pastel Easter!

photos from google image, We <3 it,, ASVOF, lime crime