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Friday, March 1, 2013

DIY: Monster Heels

Decided to upgrade my heels that I never wear. I guess I got my inspiration from the puff heels that I've been lusting over. I've had this beautiful pink fur for the longest time waiting for me to do something amazing with it, when it finally dawned on me to cover these heels with this soft faux-fur. I took my time with this DIY project started by actually making a pattern of the outer shell of the shoe, cutting my pieces p.s cutting fur is a little tricker than it seems, adding my pieces to the outer shell and aligning all the pieces together, then poking hole for shoe laces and buckle backings. PHEW! They look crazy but I love them!!! They look way better on then off the feet. Almost feels like I have hooves. 

In other news I'm recently obsessing over this new iPhone app called Vine, basically it's like instagram on crack! It's the same concept as instagram but Vine takes it to another level allowing you to loop videos of your surroundings. I've been updated on NYFW before it hitting YouTube! The best thing is, it's super easy to share your looped videos on your blog!

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Friday, November 2, 2012

Ganguro TakeOva!!!!

I dressed up this Halloween as a Japanese Ganguro Girl. Taking inspiration from the underground fashion scene in Tokyo, Japan. My good friend Crystal Cao made me over Ganguro style with make-up from her own MUA collection. I've been obsessed with Japanese fashion culture for quite some time now and I finally became my own inspiration: Ganguro Kawaii fashion girl.

Dress by See You Monday
Petticoat Dress by WILDFOX
Socks, Dollar Store
Stacked Kicks from FreakCity
Hair Extensions, Dollar Store

Hope everyone had a safe a happy HALLOWEEN!!!

Friday, October 26, 2012

DIY: Halloween Costume

As you all know I'm an Instagram addict! Yes I am. Sooooo why not be an insta-app for Halloween! I found this video below while looking for shits and giggles on YouTube. Grace so smartly showed viewers a step by step tutorial on how to execute this redic costume.