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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Magic WWD SS/2012

this past month i attend the world famous Magic Tradeshow the biggest tradeshow in fashion apparel. i got the chance to travel to Las Vegas with the See You Monday dream team. i was so excited to receive the opportunity to create the visual for the See You Monday booth. Visual Merchandising is like a past love for me, i did it professionally for a few years during retail jobs i've had in the past. i don't do it as much today but as soon as i get the chance to do any kind of visual merch i jump at it. i started the visuals a couple days before the opening day of Magic, spray painting gold crowns into bright neon bejeweled crowns, made fun 90's deadstock patches into earrings for the mannequins, and got to shop for some amazing costume jewelery and accessories. special thank you to Vally Rap from Freakcity who totally had most items we needed to complete the Visuals. Annabelle, Jean and myself came up with some brilliant work the day of the set up, like to add the flowers around the base of each display and to add windmills to showcase a spring/summer feeling. All in all the visuals were amazing we only received but the best compliments. We definitely brought some LA flavor to Las Vegas. 

Monday, February 27, 2012

Arizona Outfit

wearing knit beanie from dollar store, thrifted blazer, gifted wildfox tee, circle skirt from AA, stacked tennies from FreakcityLA, vintage Ferragamo purse, chandler cross necklace gifted from Mixed Hearts, triangle necklace from Histyley.

orange and coral are definitely my color inspiration for spring summer. i'm so excited to wear tropical prints and neon colors this SS/12. this past weekend Yuka and myself took a long awaited trip to Arizona and visited our good friend Dinh Dinh. I have so many more photos to share with you from our Arizona roadtrip.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Purse Possessions



A look into my personals, well now public purse. Last year I inherited a MCM purse from my mom :))))

top left clockwise: iPhone charger I can never-ever leave home without it, Sunnies I bought at a cute boutique in New York, Lotion from ARBONNE, Lucite pink sunnie case I use to store pens, earbuds and miscellaneous items,  90's Happy Face wallet Christmas gift from my friends Leon, Rio and Rick, Keys with mase and my moms old rabbit foot from the 80's, two types of chapstick one minty and one with flavor, lipstick case from Freakcity, Illamasqua lipstick in color Plunge gift from my friend Geisha, my iPhone 4 and Patricia Fields bunny case with a puff ball tail hehe, and last but certainly not least are my business cards never leave home without them. 
Do you have a purse haul? share with me under comments.