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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Mint #realness

 wearing vintage levi's jumper, bangles and necklace from H&M, shoes from lolashoetique
and raiders snapback I stole from my bf's closet

Decided to finally take my boyfriend's vintage throwback raiders snapback out.
I paired it with my vintage Levi's jumper and pumps from Lolashoetique. I also found this cute ankle bracelet I found in my moms jewelery closet.
I'm currently in love with the color mint! Lately I've been in a hibernating stage and I'm kind of liking it. I know in past hibernating stages of my life I get stuck but I feel as though I can finally find a balance of being present with friends and family and also taking time alone to myself. I guess growing does have it's perk! I'm working on a very special project and I'm crossing my fingers and toes that my this project becomes a reality. It's something that I've wanted since I was kid and something that I've been working on since. Wish I could tell ya'll.... but when the time comes I'll be sure to make a big deal about it. haha.