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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

All Mixed Up

wearing a beanie from the dollar store, army jacket from AZ goodwill, thrifted Liz Claiborne sweater dress, tights from HUE, plactic backpack from the dollar store, sunnies from Venice Beach, brass shape necklace from AZ Goodwill, thrifted shoes. 

Arizona was good to me. Dinh Dinh took Yuka and I thrifting and I went kinda crazy. Shopping in AZ is pretty amazing not to mention everything was so cheap. I pretty much bought this whole outfit during my stay in Arizona. Lately I'm feeling all the mixed prints in fashion right now. Weather it be tropical wear, floral prints, or even cameo combat wear I love it! It's time to have fun with prints, fabrics and textures. Don't you think?

Monday, February 27, 2012

Arizona Outfit

wearing knit beanie from dollar store, thrifted blazer, gifted wildfox tee, circle skirt from AA, stacked tennies from FreakcityLA, vintage Ferragamo purse, chandler cross necklace gifted from Mixed Hearts, triangle necklace from Histyley.

orange and coral are definitely my color inspiration for spring summer. i'm so excited to wear tropical prints and neon colors this SS/12. this past weekend Yuka and myself took a long awaited trip to Arizona and visited our good friend Dinh Dinh. I have so many more photos to share with you from our Arizona roadtrip.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

$2 Dolla Holla!

This past Friday my mother and I attended the $2 Goodwill Sale. The Goodwill sale only happens once a year and I was definitely going to be there. Waking up at 8am isn't bad but when you have a cold you acquired the night before it's unholy, but nothing was going to stop me. Arriving at the sale I got a rush of energy and excitement my blood started boiling!!!! no joke. The doors of Goodwill opened and I rushed inside like if it was a black Friday sale. Anything pastel, bright, printed and sequins had to be snatched up and in my shopping cart. Little by little the pile of clothing grew and grew and grew till I practically had a mountain of clothing larger than me, All in all I bought every single piece of clothing I picked, call me hoarder, call me a vintage connoisseur, call me whatever you like but I know I got some amazing pieces. I left the Goodwill sale with 5 big bags. 
I love thrifting!

p.s excuse the crappy photos all I had was my iPhone

Saturday, January 21, 2012


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 Wearing Missoni Inspired Jumper from Fallas Paredes, a shaggy shrug from T and Showroom

When the thrift stores are closed, I shop anywhere else where I can save a buck and still get chic clothes. My bf and I took a trip to Fallas Paredes outlet store this weekend. As some of you know Fallas is known to be supppper ghetto. But nonetheless I always find some really chic pieces amongst the craziness. Shopping at Fallas reminds me of shopping at a thrift store a) because it's always a cluster fuck of clothes, b) the prices are pretty amazing and c) digging through clothes upon clothes just to find that one piece you'll be in complete love with. I'll be posting a haul of what I bought soon along with outfit posts. YAY!!!!! 

Friday, January 20, 2012

If you know me...

(photo by DTLA BUZZ)
Wearing a thrifted Banana Republic Blouse, thrifted cut of shorts, thrifted sketchers cage sandals, accessories/jewelry thrifted.

Then you know I LOVE TO THRIFT!!!!!!
I've been known to spend a whole paycheck on thrifting, I've also been known to skip meals and sleep to thrift. Nothing is more close to my heart than shopping at a thrift store. Here are my top tips in vintage buying and thrift shopping. 

HAPPY Thrifting!

-Tip 1: Wear a full skirt, so you can try on pants, skirts and shorts under it. (most times fitting rooms are unavailable)
-Tip 2: Watch for the daily specials – certain color tags means certain discounts
-Tip 3: make sure to eat before thrifting (shopping under hunger is never fun!!!)
-Tip 4: pace yourself you could get really distracted
-Tip 5: always bring cash, sometimes sales associates won’t charge you tax.
Remember when shopping with a buddy all thrift rules apply!
That means if your girlfriend finds something you like, sorry finders keepers. But sharing is caring.
-Tip 6:  I suggest going to thrift stores alone!!! or with a boy who is a friend and knows your style, Because two extra eyes is better than none.