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Monday, July 23, 2012

“You can be betrayed in your sleep."

wearing Red Pepper Dress from Sugarlips, vintage Betsey Johnson wedges, ebay, door knock velvet chocker, and vintage fur hat.

I received a fun dress from Sugarlips this past week, I finally had the chance to were it out. I love this dress for 3 top reasons that come to my mind 1) I love how girly it is, if you know me I not much of wearing flirty dress. 2) ummmm can we talk about the color?  blues and reds are sooo pretty mixed together. 3) the texture, I love how silky it is! 

My two great friends Leon Yeshua and Ann-Marie Hoang are the masterminds behind my hairstyle.  When it comes to hair color I try to be very... picky to say the least. My hair color choices come from life inspirations. My recent hair color inspiration comes from gem amethyst. I took a trip to a museum awhile back ago which showcased gems, stones and diamonds from around the world. If my memory could actually be functional at least in the long term memory department I'd be able to tell what museum it was. lol. anyways I really enjoyed seeing all these gems and all the array of colors. I was inspired by the amethyst gem and really wanted to portray the color way into my hair. I believe Ann-Marie nailed it! I loooooove my new hair color!!!!!! 

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Hair Done.

spring/summer is quickly approaching and because the seasons are changing so does my hair color. This is my 4th hair color change since Fall/Winter 2011. My color chemist Ann-Marie Hoang is god sent!!!! I first went to Ann-Marie during SS/11 when I had the most amazing idea to ombre my hair according to the sunset colors. Since then I will always go back to Ann-Marie.

wearing thrifted levi jacket, buttons from SF, NY,  and LV , geometric necklace color block by Miss Wax and new floral LA print button up from Joyrich