Friday, October 26, 2012

DIY: Halloween Costume

As you all know I'm an Instagram addict! Yes I am. Sooooo why not be an insta-app for Halloween! I found this video below while looking for shits and giggles on YouTube. Grace so smartly showed viewers a step by step tutorial on how to execute this redic costume.


Post LAFW: Zalez Studio

Designers of Zalez Studio Joab Zalez and Rafael Mercado

Zalez Studio was officially the last runway show of LA Fashion Week, I guess we can say the best was saved for last. Hosting the event was by far a highlight of my year. For more photos visit
for info please email

Custom Lucite Vinyl Overall Circle Dress by Zalez Studio

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Final Runway Touches

Running a runway show is not easy! As much as I love putting on a show I hate just as much I guess it's my young-yang balance. Reason why I love it: the adrenalin, scouting models, the final gift of seeing your hard work put to its test. Reason why I hate it: all the meticulous details that a runway entails ahhhhh! I'm so excited to be hosting the Zalez Studio runway show! yet super nervous!!! Yesterday and today have been hectic finishing that last details on the show making sure the lighting is on point, runway is in place, models are casting etc, etc. all in all I'm super excited! Hope you can join! Make sure to RSVP

wearing American Apparel bodysuit, pants from Zara, beanie from Santee Alley shoes by Nicole Lee from Wasteland, assorted buttons

Advanced Style

I'm sure most of you know my love for elderly fashion appeal but today takes the cake. I spotted the most amazing chic old lady! I see her here and there mostly on public transportation but this time I saw her at the local 7-Elven in Hollywood. I couldn't resist but ask if I could snap a photo of her just as she walked outside. Notice her glasses they are everything!!!

Have you seen Advance Style yet?
If you haven't please watch!!!

Monday, October 15, 2012

USA and Pink Floyd and McQueen

wearing vintage Pink Floyd tee, thrifted riding pants, Doc Martens

Once again the heat in LA is rising uuggghhhh! Wahhh!!!!!! I really can't wait till the rain comes and washes all the ugliness in LA away. Ummmm have you seen McQueen's newest collection??!!!!!! 
Ah-fucking-mazing!!!!  Sarah Burton is doing a stunning job with the line. 

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Being a Clumsy Cat

It's safe to say in LA we like to change faces and in this case so do boutiques! My good friends at Lallure have closed it doors on Hollywood and re-opened shop on Sunset. I got the opportunity to go to the fresh new store opening last week.... (gulp! I know a week to late to be posting) haha! Anyways the creative minds of what is now called Clumsy Cat have opened it doors with designers such as JoyRich, Capture by HollywodMade, Miss Wax, UNIF, Kill City, ADEEN and their very own in house line called Clumsy Cat. Check out the newest collection at
Clumsy Cats: FaceBook
Clumsy Cat: Video

7523 W Sunset Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90046